YAI-Certified School Network

Schools offering YAI certified Teachers Training Courses are available in many parts of the world including Greece, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Spain and the U.K.

Over 100 yoga schools have obtained YAI certification and over 1500 teachers have completed their YAI-certified courses.


YAI Certified Schools

YAI Certified teachers

OM Yoga Association: Association of yoga and baby yoga Om

YogaOm in Portugal offers YAI certified TTC. OM Yoga Association: Association of yoga and baby yoga Om Director of School: Filipa Saraswati Location: Cascais, Lisbon-Portugal mail: geral@yogaom.pt site: http://www.yogaom.pt
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Akshar Power Yoga

Master Akshar is a Nationally and Internationally acclaimed Yogic Master, Spiritual beacon and Philosopher. He founded a style, Akshar Power Yoga™ and he started teaching in Bangalore, Karnataka where at present he is the Founder and CEO for Akshar Power Yoga™ Academy.His academy is approved by Yoga Alliance International as a Certified School for 200 hours and 500 hour level courses.

Amazing Lyf Project

:: Amazing Lyf Project :: Hara Willow Healing :: http://www.lyf4lyf.co.uk Remember Einstein’s golden rule; “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it in the first place”

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