Annamalai University – YAI programs: Syllabus for DIPLOMA/ADVANCED PROGRAMMES

Level I – 200 hours/20 days

DIPLOMA in YOGA – Teacher Training Course (DY-TTC)


-Revision and deeper study of the relationship between the 4 bodies and 7 chakras:

1) Physical body: the connection between Mooladhara and Sahasrara chakras (bring balance to the physical body)

2) Prana body: the connection between Swadisthana and Agya chakras (emotional balance and clear vision)

3) Mental body: the connection between Manipura and Vishuddi chakras (mental clarity, guidance and wisdom)

4) Psychic body: the connection between lower Anahata and higher Anahata chakras (enter into contact with the higher Self)

-Theoretical study of the benefits of all 4 Transformational Yoga sets of Asanas through the five channels of Prana and basic yogic anatomy principles (Physical, Prana, Mental and Psychic benefits)

-Focus on Mental body -> The different dimensions of the Mind: Physical Mind

  • Prana Mind
  • Mental Mind
  • Psychic Mind

-Introduction to Bandhas

  • Moolabandha : strengthening the root lock
  • Udiana bandha : activating the abdominal lock

-Diet and lifestyle for Yoga Teachers:

  • Best practices for purification and maintaining higher levels of energy.
  • Specific times of the day for various activities: wake up, sleep, personal practice, meals, daily routine etc.
  • Sattvic, Rajasic and Tamasic types of food.
  • Higher level of awareness in everyday life (Dynamic meditation).


  • Explanation of the main Transformational Yoga mantras
  • The power and use of Mantras in practical life

– Teaching methods:

  • sequencing a class and adapting to various parameters and conditions
  • Geographical area adaptations (cold/hot areas etc.)
  • Religion and social conditions oriented adaptations
  • Adapt the practice to the level of the students
  • Set up and teach a general class of 30 minutes, 45 minutes, 60 minutes and 90 minutes.


– Still and Dynamic Prana meditation principles


– Asana and adjustment techniques (hands on / hands off)

– Physical and Prana still and dynamic meditation

– Introduction to Physical and Prana Yoga Nidra

– Teaching practice of all 4 Transformational sets of Asanas


Level II – 500 hours/30 days

ADVANCED DIPLOMA in YOGA – Teacher Training Course (DY-TTC)


-The Physical, Prana, Mental and Psychic dimensions of all 4 bodies (detailed study)

  • Physical body, Physical Prana, Physical Mind, Physical Being
  • Prana body, Prana Prana, Prana Mind, Prana Being
  • Mental body, Mental Prana, Mental Mind, Mental Being
  • Psychic body, Psychic Prana, Psychic Mind, Psychic Being

– The 5th body: Spiritual Body

-Introduction to Transformational Integral Kundalini basic system

-Introduction to Tantra Yoga system

-Yoga for specific audiences:

  • Yoga for Children and Teenagers: Balance emotions and energy levels, improve concentration and initiate the sense of Self awareness.
  • Yoga for business leaders and office workers: Chair Yoga, corporate Yoga for concentration and improved productivity, TIME* meditation.
  • Old Age Yoga: Prevent and cure specific ailments through the practice, balance energy levels in the aging bodies for positivity and renewed vitality.
  • Prenatal Yoga: How to conceive a divine child? Integral preconception, pregnancy and post-delivery approaches.

-Teaching methods: design a class for specific audiences and purposes

  • Design a yoga class for children (up to 45 minutes) and teenagers (up to 60 minutes)
  • Corporate and Business leaders? yoga class (short 5 to 30 minutes energy and concentration oriented practices)
  • Old age yoga class
  • Yoga during pregnancy
  • Partner yoga

-Theoretical study of adaptations and variations (advanced level) of all four Transformational sets of Asanas.

-Basic introduction to Yoga Therapy: understand the bodies’ energy circulation mechanisms to cure and prevent various ailments.


– TIME System of meditation: Still and Dynamic Physical, Prana, Mental, Psychic meditation.


– Teaching practice of all 4 Transformational sets of Asanas with adaptation and variations of all postures.

– Transformational Integral Meditation Education system (TIME) Still and Dynamic

– Introduction to Partner Yoga

*TIME: Transformational Integral Meditation Education

Level III – 500 hours/30 days

(prerequisite: 3 years of experience as Yoga teacher)

GRANDMASTER in YOGA – Teacher Training Course (GMY-TTC)


– Comparative study of different traditions of meditation:

  • Physical Meditation: the example of Mahavira founder of Jain Dharma
  • Prana Meditation: the example of Buddha
  • Mental Meditation: the example of Vivekananda, Raja Yoga
  • Psychic Meditation: the example of Hare Rama Hare Krishna movement

– Transformational Yoga Therapy: in depth study and understanding of the bodily energy mechanisms to prevent and cure various ailments and diseases.

Detailed study of :

  • Apana Prana based problems
  • Samana prana based problems
  • Maha Prana based problems
  • Udana Prana based problems
  • Vyana Prana based problems.

– General and therapeutic Yoga Nidra: in depth study and practice of Physical body, Prana body, Mental body and Psychic body Yog Nidra.

– Transformational Integral Kundalini advanced system

– Introduction to Tantra Yoga system

  • 3 branches of Tantra (White, Red, Black)
  • Mantra, Yantra, Bandhas, basic Mudras etc.


– TIME System of meditation: Still and Dynamic (all 4 bodies)

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