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Schools offering YAI certified Teachers Training Courses are available in many parts of the world including Greece, Hong Kong, China, Taiwan, Vietnam, France, Spain and the U.K.

Over 100 yoga schools have obtained YAI certification and over 1500 teachers have completed their YAI-certified courses.


YAI Certified Schools

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Santhi School of Yoga

Santhi Yoga Teacher Training Institute is a reputed yoga teacher training institute in Kerala established in 2005 offering various short term and long courses in yoga. The TTC is a 200 hr, 1 month intensive training programme. After successful completion of this course certificates approved by 'National Centre of Labour and Learning', Govt of India, and by YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL are issued. CONTACT DETAILS: Santhi Yoga Teacher Training Institute, YGRA39, Yuvathara Gardens Lane, Kuravankonam, Kowdiar PO, Trivandrum 695003 Phone: (+91) 477 -3209123 Cell : (+91) 9567551531 (+91) 9946793933 Web-site: http://www.santhiyoga.co.in Emails: administrator@santhiyoga.co.in enquiry@santhiyoga.co.in
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The SriMa School of Transformational Yoga in Delhi offers 200-level & 500-level TTC courses in Transformational Yoga. Contact details: web-site:http://www.srimatransformationalyogaindia.com/

Yogashala, Chile

Yogashala in Chile, one of the oldest and biggest Yoga centres in Chile, offers TTC certifed by YAI.

OM Yoga Association: Association of yoga and baby yoga Om

YogaOm in Portugal offers YAI certified TTC. OM Yoga Association: Association of yoga and baby yoga Om Director of School: Filipa Saraswati Location: Cascais, Lisbon-Portugal mail: geral@yogaom.pt site: http://www.yogaom.pt

You Are Yoga

You Are Yoga – Yoga vacations and courses in India and Spain http://youareyoga.com/ Yoga/Ayurveda Retreats/Vacations, Yoga Teacher Training, in India and Spain Yoga retreats, vacations, teacher training in India and Spain with Youareyoga and spiritofyoga108.…

Yoga Schule Pasing

Yoga Schule Pasing is a popular Yoga Centre in Munich

Associazione Yogananda

Associazione Yogananda-Yoga Alliance International-International Yoga Federation http://www.yogabari.com/ Associazione Yogananda ha lo scopo di promuovere yoga come stato di coscienza e di approfondire la condivisione e la trasmissione di tale ricerca, ponendo le potenzialitŕ…

SriMa Yoga Taiwan

Ms Huang Rong runs the SriMa Transformational Yoga school in Taiwan

Amazing Lyf Project

:: Amazing Lyf Project :: Hara Willow Healing :: http://www.lyf4lyf.co.uk Remember Einstein’s golden rule; “No problem can be solved from the same consciousness that created it in the first place”

HK Yoga Association

Yoga Teacher Training | Yoga Alliance | HK Yoga Association | Dickson Lau runs the famous HK Yoga Association in Hong Kong http://www.hkyogaassn.com

Lotos Yoga Academy

Linda Kapetaniou runs the Lotos Yoga Academy in Greece, and offers YAI certified courses

Mahi Power Yoga

Mahi Power Yoga Dharamsala is run by Mahinder Prasad

The Body and Mind Development Center, Iran

Maha Yoga in Iran is one of the premier Yoga organisations of Iran
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My holistic fitness Perth

Myholisticfitnessperth is a vibrant business based in Perth-WA created to deliver Correspondence and Face-to-Face Training Courses for Exercise Professionals and Aspiring Yoga Teachers, Wellness Operators that offer Continuing Education Credits (CECs CPDs). We are Yoga Alliance International's Sole Representative for:Australia (all States) and New Zealand. Applicants wishing to become YAI's Registered Yoga Teacher or School to deliver Yoga Programs please go to the following link: http://www.myholisticfitnessperth.com.au/yoga-sport.html

Iran Yoga Association

The premier Institution for Yoga in Iran offers YAI certified TTC.

Yoga Secret International Training Center, Vietnam

YOGA SACRED CENTER Yoga Sacred Center is one of brands of Golden Hearts Joint Stock Company, which is run by Master Sridevi_To Hai, who has completed the 500 hours Teacher's Training Course certified by Srima School of Transformational Yoga, with 10 years teaching and studying Yoga in many countries as: India, Thailand, Singapore... Yoga Sacred Center is a center of Yoga training in Vietnam, which is the first place in Vietnam traing and providing Yoga instructors in accordance with international standard Add: 70 Truong Quoc Dung, ward 10, Phu Nhuan district, Vietnam Tel: (848)38453271 Mail: Info@ysc.vn WEBSITE: http://www.ysc.vn


SHENYANG LETIAN FITNESS CO LTD , BEIJING BRANCH is now authorised to offer YAI certified Yoga TTC courses in Beijing, China

Akshar Power Yoga

Master Akshar is a Nationally and Internationally acclaimed Yogic Master, Spiritual beacon and Philosopher. He founded a style, Akshar Power Yoga™ and he started teaching in Bangalore, Karnataka where at present he is the Founder and CEO for Akshar Power Yoga™ Academy.His academy is approved by Yoga Alliance International as a Certified School for 200 hours and 500 hour level courses.

Tulasidalam School Of Yoga Pada

Tulasidalam school is affiliated to the Sangeetha Nataka Academy since 2003 and is a Kerala government (cultural dept.) approved training center. Tulasidalam school now offers YAI certified Yoga Teachers Training Courses. Contact details: Smt.SINDU V NAYAR, Secretary, Tulasidalam School Of Yoga Pada,(school. Sree Ramashram Charitable Trust, Thelliyoor P.O, Pathanamthitta District Kerala,India 689544 email:sindunayar@gmail.com

Shiva Yoga Peeth Rishikesh

Yoga Teacher Training at Mcleodganj, Dharamshala and Rishikesh by Shiva Yoga Peeth. Our Yoga Teacher Swami Sudhir, after attending various Indian yoga programs and teaching Thousands of Indian and western people, is now offering Yoga teacher training in Mcleodganj and Rishikesh and guiding the path of preaching the true essence of Yoga and Meditation. He teaches Hatha yoga, Shivananda yog, Ashtanga yog, Kundalini yoga, Mantra yoga and Teacher training course etc. Now he is traveling all over India to spread the knowledge of Yoga; and his aim is to spread Yoga all over the world. Yoga teacher training course starts in Dharamshala and Rishikesh.
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Ashta Yoga Valley

The Yoga Teacher Training Centre in McLeod-Ganj, Dharamsala, was established in 2000 for imparting quality Yoga Teacher Training, and since then we have been teaching yoga (Ashtanga vinyasa, Hatha & Sivananda Yoga) to people from all over the world. We’ve had the privilege of training over a thousand people in yoga and have now begun offering Dynamic Hatha yoga teacher training course (Known as Power Yoga or Ashtanga yoga. Our School is Yoga Alliance International Certified School for Yoga Teacher's Trainings. We aim not only to train up yoga teachers but to make sure they are well-informed, with the right knowledge, techniques, understanding, practices and confidence. This will enable each of our students to teach yoga and call themselves a yoga teacher or practitioner.

Teachers- YAI special category

YAI recognizes teachers of long-standing and experience directly.
Sandra Matos

Light Love Laughter Pte Ltd

Linda Loo & Jolyn Tan, teachers who had studied directly under the guidance of Swami Vidyanand now offer Transformational Yoga courses in Singapore


Supported by qualified & experienced teachers like Sri Sanjeev Kumar, Sri Rajeev Kumar, and Sri Ravindra kant, under the guidance of Guruji, IGYNTRI offers authentic Yoga courses.


Yoga Training School of "Yoga Federation of Russia"(YFR) was established in October 2008. Main goal is to increase qualification of instructors. An entrant should be an instructor only with at least 2 years experience in teaching and a 5-year experience of personal practice. They are sent to School on the recommendation of the YFR regional offices. YFR conducts YAI-certified training courses in conjunction with the Moscow State Academy of Physical Culture.

Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga

Sivasoorya Divine School of Yoga which imparts spiritual training in the traditional way, with much stress on the rich heredity and heritage, is one of the rarest yoga centres in the whole of India. This school of yoga delves deep into the purport of yoga and its various aspects and offers training in a disciplined and systematic way. The products of this institution are thoroughly capable of organizing classes and training in yoga in a commendable way. "The service of yoga reiterates that one should not get yogic training from a physical yoga teacher of mediocre level. On the contrary, such training shall be acquired from an accomplished spiritual preceptor." Those who complete training from our institution are people really endowed with a rare spiritual spectrum. We commit ourselves to a perceptive mission of the dissemination of the basic principles of yoga sasthra, which we have acquired through years of rigorous, rigid penance and austerity in the inaccessible Himalayan mountain valleys. We ardently welcome one and all to our centre to be part and parcel of the august and enlightened cause.
Soorya Ravi

Maharishi Yoga Vihar Foundation

SUSHIL YOGA (RYS 200/500), offers Yoga Alliance International registered Yoga Teacher Trainings Courses (YTTC) at 3 locations in India, banks of Ganges River Rishikesh, beautiful beaches of Goa, Himalayan foothills of Dharamshala. Here at Sushil yoga School. we are proud to be one of the founding contributors and participants in the Maharishi Yoga Vihar foundation(MYVF), an collaborative organization started in 2007 to spread the ancient knowledge of Yoga, Meditation and Ayurveda in traditional form, as a charitable yoga Organization, which is registered under the Indian trusts Registration act 1882. This program is working organization to help poor children in India and organizes yoga workshops, yoga teacher training courses and yoga retreats internationally.

Bhagsu Yoga Centre, Dharamsala

Placed in Dharmsala, Bhagsu Nag, India overvlooking the amazing view of the trees and the mountains nests our Yoga & Dance Center. Bhagsu Yoga Center is a place to experience, Learn and Explore your inner and outter-self. Join us for a journey from dependence to independence...


Ayurveda, the ancient science of health means "The Knowledge of Life". Inspired by nature itself, the unique and holistic science, addresses the mind, body and soul simultaneously. Thus, becoming a system that not only cures diseases, but works to help people arrive at perfect health.To deliver the advantages of this universal remedy, in complete harmony with nature herself evolved - ANHC. A unique concept which sets you in a restful and relaxing ambience, while the ageless wonders of Ayurveda, are applied by highly qualified professionals.

Anandam Yoga Centre

Welcome at Anandam Yoga Center, your center for yoga, yoga holiday and holistic wellbeing! Our center offers yoga classes for beginners, intermediate and advanced students of yoga, Teacher Training Courses and yoga holidays which are especially designed for groups and yoga studios. Amidst lush nature, Anandam Yoga Center is situated on the brink of Rishikesh, at the foothills of the Himalayas and on the banks of affectionately Mother Ganga called River Ganges. The beautiful surrounding offers a fast variety of outdoor and cultural activities, and allows you to simply enjoy deep relaxation on the beaches of Mother Ganga. We teach Hatha and Iyengar style yoga. We teach in English and, on request, in German. Besides, we work in close collaboration with Ayurvedic Doctors and offer individual health and detoxification programs personalized for you.
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