About us

Sri Aurobindo
Sri Aurobindo is the driving force behind YAI...
The Mother
The Mother's vision of an international community that transcended barriers of race and creed inspired the creation of YAI
Swami Vidyanand
Swami Vidyanand, Founder-President of YAI, developed the Transformational Yoga system
K.M.Chandrashekaran,Organizing Director of YAI, was instrumental in setting up & promoting YAI
Yoga Alliance International (YAI) is a network of dedicated, like-minded people and institutions devoted to the cause of authentic Yoga.

Inspired by Sri. Aurobindo and the Mother of Pondicherry, YAI was founded by Swami Vidyanand, the well-known Yoga Master, assisted by Sri K.M.Chandrashekaran, who has had a lifelong interest in Yoga and allied matters.

YAI has a number of Divisions around the world, each headed by? a dedicated Director, who serve as our representatives in their respective countries. They come from all corners of the world and share a passionate commitment to the cause of authentic Yoga traditions.

YAI’s Ambassadors serve as our flag-bearers and take YAI’s message around the world.

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