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YAI standards – 200 level

Techniques Training/Practice (total 140 hours) 100 contact hours, 40 with Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher.
Training in the techniques and practice of: Asanas, pranayamas,meditation, kriyas, chanting, mantra.

Note: Contact hours in this category must be spent teaching in a yoga setting.

Teaching Methodology (total 20 hours) 10 contact hours, 10 with Experienced Registered Yoga Teacher.
Principles of demonstration, observation, assisting/correcting, instruction, teaching styles, qualities of a teacher, and the student’s process of learning.

Anatomy and Physiology (total 20 hours) 10 contact hours.
Anatomy/Physiology/Biomechanics of Yoga including Exercise and Fitness Knowledge Components of Physical Fitness, Energy system,contraindications, movement patterns. A minimum of 8 hours must be spent applying anatomy and physiology principles to yoga.

Practicum Teaching (total 20 hours) 10 contact hours with Experience Yoga Teacher.
Student teaching as well as observing and assisting in classes taught by others. Hours may be a combination of supervised and unsupervised.

Yoga Philosophy/Lifestyle and Ethics for Yoga Teachers (20 hours) 20 contact hours
Includes the study of yoga philosophies, yoga lifestyle, and ethics for yoga teachers, yogic liefestyle. A minimum of 8 contact hours must be spent on ethics for yoga teachers.

Electives (30 hours) May be contact or non-contact hours distributed among educational categories according to the school?s yoga tradition and style.

Total contact hours 150