India’s first international Yoga Alliance

Our inspiration

Sri Aurobindo’s third dream…

On Aug 15, 1947, when India became free, Sri Aurobindo talked about his dreams for the new India. Among other things, he said…

….The third dream was a world-union forming the outer basis of a fairer, brighter and nobler life for all mankind. That unification of the human world is under way; there is an imperfect initiation organised by struggling against tremendous difficulties. But the momentum is there and it must inevitably increase and conquer….

….there must grow up an international spirit and outlook, international forms and institutions must appear, perhaps such developments, as dual or multilateral citizenship, willed interchange or voluntary fusion of cultures…”

Inspired by this vision of Sri Aurobindo, Yoga Alliance International aims to create a world-wide community of persons dedicated to authentic Yoga traditions, joined by the commonality of Spirit.

YAI’s Mission

create a world-wide network of Yogic minded people and institutions, regardless of affiliation or tradition

establish an Yoga Institution that is open to all traditions

provide a platform for the encouragement of new Masters of Yoga

encourage research and innovation in applying Yoga techniques to the complex problems faced by modern man

establish an Yoga Institution that is open to all traditions


On-line classes

In view of the current crisis, YAI is pleased to announce that our certified schools are free to conduct on-line TTC classes. YAI will support such initiatives and Certificates will be made available.

Certified Schools/Teachers who are interested in conducting on-line TTC courses under the YAI banner are requested to contact us by email.


Other YAI sites

Our visitors from Europe and elsewhere are invited to look at our new site:


You are also invited to visit our other main site: YOGA ALLIANCE

Special offer for YAI-certified schools in Europe. Click here to find out more.

World Yoga Federation

YAI has tied-up with World Yoga Federation (WYF), based in New Zealand. WYF has been set up primarily to offer Certification to Yoga schools in the USA, and other areas.

Existing (as on April 31st, 2020) YAI-certified schools are eligible for free certification by WYF as well. Existing YAI-certified teachers are also eligible for WYF certification on the payment of a nominal processing fee.

Schools which are not YAI-certified schools can join WYF or YAI independently, or choose to obtain dual certification from both YAI & WYF.

For further details, contact :


Administrative Director,



Swami Vidyanand was an invited lecturer at the IX International Congress of Yoga and Ayurveda, held under the leadership of Swami Vasudevananda.


  • Faculty exchange
  • Collaboration in Research, Development and Consultancy in the Yoga field.
  • Exchange of academic materials and publications
  • Conducting Lectures
  • Participation in seminars, conferences and other academic institutions
  • Co-supervising PG students in the Yoga field
  • Training and placement programs
  • International Certification

Online Grand Master of Yoga course

The online Grand Master of Yoga course is an experience-based course conducted by Swami Vidyanand with the purpose of initiating advanced yoga practitioners to the mechanisms of energy generation in every dimensions of existence and guiding them to communicate with the eternal dimensions of Consciousness.

The Grand Master of Yoga course intends to take us away from books knowledge and closer to the essence and true purpose of Yoga: awaken of the inner energy to establish a genuine connection with the eternal dimensions and experience integral Samadhi in every aspect of ordinary life.

The true purpose of this course is to give keys to the expression of the eternal consciousness in practical life.

In this course, Swami Vidyanand will give clarity on the following topics: 

The inner mechanisms of the physical body through the practice of Hatha Yoga asanas, focusing on the relationship between Mooladhara and Sahasrara chakras and linking with Annamaya kosha.

The inner mechanisms of the prana body through the practice of prana yoga and pranayama. Study of the relationship between Swadisthana and Agya chakras and linking it with Pranamaya kosha

The inner mechanisms of the mental body through the practice of mental awareness and meditation. Focus on the relationship between Manipura and Vishuddi chakras and the Manomaya kosha.

The inner mechanisms of the psychic body through the practice of mantras and devotional meditation. In depth study of Anahata chakra and its relation to Vigyanamaya kosha

The science of integral energy circulation: understanding the lower dimensions of existence, the manifestation of the higher consciousness and Anandamaya kosha in practical life. 

Admission to this course only from 500 hours of certification and on individual interview basis.

Upon completion of this course, you will receive a double Grand Master certification from Yoga Alliance International® and World Yoga Federation® and be able to teach all over the world. 

For more information please email us at

News from YAI-divisions

YAI – Russia

We are very happy to state that Sergey Repin, YAI’s Director for Russia, will now also be YAI’s representative for the following countries:

  • Armenia
  • Azerbaijan
  • Belarus
  • Estonia
  • Georgia
  • Kazakhstan
  • Kyrgyzstan
  • Latvia
  • Lithuania
  • Moldova
  • Russia
  • Tajikistan
  • Turkmenistan
  • Ukraine
  • Uzbekistan

All Yoga Schools and teachers in these countries are requested to contact Sergey Repin for obtaining YAI certification.

Contact details: Sergey Repin <>

YAI -Vietnam

We are very happy to announce the appointment of Mrs. Tran Thi Diem Huong as Chairperson for YAI South East Asia. We look forward to receiving her valuable guidance on spreading authentic Indian Yoga traditions in the region.

Mrs. Tran Thi Diem Huong was elected Miss Jewel in Vietnam in 2009. She is now married and a proud mother of three. Her loving and joyful nature combined to her interest in beauty and well being, naturally lead her to turn to Yoga. She became the Director of Huong Anh Fitness and Yoga Centres in Hanoi with the endeavour of making yoga, general health and well being accessible to one and all in Vietnam.

Mrs. Tran Thi Diem Huong is an eminent member of the executive committee of the Vietnamese Yoga Federation and a successful YAI registered Yoga Teacher, having studied the science of Yoga under direct guidance of Swami Vidyanand. Since 2017, Huong Anh Fitness and Yoga Centres offer very successful Yoga Alliance International certified 200 Level Teacher Trainings and are willing to expand throughout Vietnam.

Click to check out the website for YAI in Vietnam.


YAI in Iran We are very happy to announce that “BODY AND MIND DEVELOPMENT CENTER” run by Dr. Mohamad Hessam Alzakerin (at No.6 Farshad Alley, Kharazmi st.,  Molasadra st., Vanak square,Tehran, Iran) is YAI’s exclusive representative in IRAN.

YAI in S.Korea

We are very happy to state that Lara Yoga Academy , run by SOOK-YOUNG (LARA) PARK and JEREMY ROH is our representative in S. Korea. Schools and Teachers interested in getting YAI-certification are requested to contact Lara or Jeremy on the emails given below.

Site 1 : 316 Ho, Lotte Castle 2, Beotkkot-ro 30, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea(South) 

Site 2 : 502 Ho, Da Rae Bldg, Haan-ro 310, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea(South) 



NETWORK with us

The network adds energy to our efforts at personal transformation, and we could, if we tried hard enough, soon transform the world beyond recognition.

The YAI community has members from around the world: from Africa, from Asia, from Europe,from America

  • Become a Certified Yoga teacher, or get your Institution recognized. This simple process gives your work recognition and opens you out to the professional world.
  • Visit our web-sites, and get in touch with other like-minded people.
  • Take part in our events, and strengthen your network by interacting directly with people.

YAI Events

YAI in HANOI – 2018

Yoga Alliance International will shortly be opening its office in Vietnam with the cooperation of the HUONG ANH FITNESS & YOGA CENTER. Seen below are photos from the Press Conference held in Hanoi by Swami Vidyanand in December 2018.

Swami Vidyanand awarding the Certificate of excellence to Mr. Nguyen Ngoc Anh of the HUONG ANH school and to students of the school in May 2018

Swami Vidyanand in Mumbai

In October 2018, Swami Vidyanand was the Guest of Honour at an event organized by well-known star Deepak Tijori in Mumbai. Shown below are pictures of the event.

YAI in China

YAI in Nanjing

The visit of Swami Vidyanand & Sri. Chandrashekaran to Nanjing, China was covered in the local media including TV.

YAI seminar in Europe – 2019

Some photos from the first YAI-seminar held in Europe are shown above.

YAI in China

Yoga Alliance International recently opened its Headquarters in Nanjing, China. Seen below are photos from the inaugural event.

Swami Vidyanand in Paris -2013

Swami Vidyanand attended a Yoga Conference in Paris in 2013 and conducted a course in France.

Other YAI events

Photos from various YAI programs held in Rishikesh and elsewhere are shown below

YAI Certified schools, Teachers, Ambassadors and Courses

Certified Schools

Check out the list of YAI-certified schools below.

YAI Certified Schools

Other Certified Schools:

ADVAIT YOGA, Rishikesh, Director: Yogacharya Sanjay Soni

GANGA YOGA EDUCATION SOCIETY, Rishikesh, Director:Yogi Praveen Badoni

OM SHANTI, No:24,8 Metri Avval Alley,Besat Street,Mirdamad,Tabriz, Iran; Director: Behnaz Pouri

Certified Teachers

Some teachers/schools who have joined our network recently are shown below.

You can search for yourself by entering your name in the ‘Search’ box below.

If you have obtained YAI Certification and have sent in your photo, you can also search for yourself by clicking on the name of your school to open the album for the school. Results are shown in another page.

If you are unable to find yourself on the page, please send us your name (as it appears on the YAI certificate) and the name of the YAI-certified school that you had attended.

19r Yoga & Pilates - Florence 5 Elements Yoga 5 Senses Joy Of Pregnancy Academia Anu Yoga Kerala Academy Of Yoga Bangalore Accademia Di Cultura Orientale - Italy Acharyakulam International School Of Yoga Adi Yogshala - Vietnam Advait Yoga - Rishikesh Aegialis Yoga School Aevam Yoga Agni Ayurveda Peedom Agora Yoga Akshar Power Yoga Academy - Bengaluru Akzpont - Hungary Algarve Yoga Spot Alianca Brasileira De Yoga Brazil Aliya Agha Academy Of Internal Arts Almaty Amrutham Ayurvedic Village Resort - Kerala Ana Custodio Anahita Yoga - Hungary Ananda Yoga Zentrum - Germany Anhc - Goa Anka Yoga Studio Aphrodite Yoga Arama Yoga Aranya Yoga Ashram - Goa Argentina Argentina And Peru Art Of Wellness And School Of Yoga - Kerala Art Yoga Studio - Kazakhstan Arunachala Yoga Centre Arya Power Yoga Academy Aryan Yoga And Reiki Center - Dharamshala Ashmayu Yoga & Wellness - Bangalore Ashta Yoga Valley Ashtanga Baires Of Buenos Aires Argentina Ashtanga Training India Athens Atman Association Athmayoga Academy Atma Center / Nomad Joga Studio Austria Ayur Yoga School Ayurveda-yoga-angers B-sky Yoga Club - Vietnam Balance Zone France Bangalore Benimle Yoga Yap Beyofit Bfs Academy - Greece Blue Indigo Yoga Village - Cambodia Body & Soul Yoga Studio - Chennai Body And Mind Development Center - Iran Brazil Buenos Aires Casa Da Alma Casa Da Alma Portugal Celebrate Yoga And Wellness Foundation Centro Ananda Yoga Centro De Yoga Actos Y Palabras Centro Karuna Huesca Centro Narayani Chandigarh Chandra Yoga - Kerala Chile Cocoon Wellness Center Columbia Cyprus Da Yoga - Mexico Delhi Dev Yoga & Fitness Dharamsala Dizem Health & Sport Centre - Turkey Dr. Satya Yoga Dubai Durgas Tiger School For Tantra Yoga Shamanism - Ecuador Ecole Europeene De Yoga - France Ecole Europenne Sources Vives - Yoga Eilat Yoga Studio Embrace Energy Yoga Schoo - Thailand Escuela Internacional De Yoga Tibetano Y Meditacion Lhakhang Gongpa Espaco Cms Europe - Jeni Louise Everest Yoga Institute - Ludhiana Explore Yoga - Bangalore Faridabad Ffg Yogshala Fitness Grovee Fny Studio - Chandigarh France Ganapathi Yoga / Nitayoga Academy - Hungary Germany Ghaziabad Gn Reiki Meditation Center Golden Glow Yoga College Greece Gyanish Yoga Institute Hal Yoga Hari Om Escuela De Yoga - Argentina Hariom Yoga - Cyprus Hariom Yoga Merkezi Hatha Vidya Ashram Hatha Vidya Yoga Centre - Dubai Himalayan International Yoga School - Cambodia & Nepal Himalayan Yoga Retreat Hk Yoga Association - Hong Kong Ho Chi Minh City Holistic Healthcare Foundation Society Hong Kong Hungary Huong Anh Fitness And Yoga Center Hyderabad Igyntri Ikya Yoga - Bangalore Im Glucksraum Bewegung Mit Herz In Out Yoga India Yoga Center Infinite Hot Yoga Initiatik Yoga International Lekshmi Yoga Vedanta Meditation Center - Kerala International Yoga Academy - Rishikesh Ipyha - Kerala Iran Iran Yoga Association - Iran Israel Italy Izisz Yoga Studio - Hungary Izmir Jaipur Jal Yoga Studio Jeet Yoga Centre Joga Downdog - Hungary Julia Yoga & Spa Jyoti Yoga Soul/rise Spirit Soul - Dublin Jyoti Yoga Teacher Training Kaivalya Yoga - Rishikesh Karen Ingman School Of Scaravelli Yoga - South Africa And U.k. Kerala Kyogiwellness La Croce Yoga Teacher Training La Reunion Island Le Yoga - Taiwan Light Love Laughter Pte Ltd - Singapore Little Cove Yoga Holiday Resort Living Yoga Maa Shakti Yoga Centre Macedonia Magik Yoga - Bangalore Maha Ishta Yoga Association Maharishi Yoga Vihar Foundation Mahatma Yoga - Chile Mahi Power Yoga - Dharamsala Mandeep Hot Yoga - Mumbai Marita Mittag - Greece Mbs Holistic Clinic - Bangalore Metamorfosys -italy Mind Body Shala - Bangalore Mind-body Integration Centre - Canada Mindful Minis Montpellier Mudita Yoga Mudita Yoga - Hungary Mumbai Mystic Yoga Studio - Kolkata Nandin Yoga And Ayurveda Academy Natraj Yoga Centre - Varanasi Nepal Nepal Yoga Home New Delhi Niramaya Yoga - Gwalior Nirvaana Yoga Studio - Hyderabad Nirvana Yoga & Ayurveda School - Taiwan Nishpatti Yoga International Nityam Yoga Institute - Mumbai Nlitn Holistic Wellness Center - Bangalore Norway Oceanic Yoga And Meditation School Om Ayurveda & Yoga Centre - Mysore Om Rudra Cultural Society Om Shanti In Iran Om Shanti Om Yoga School - Rishikesh Om Yog Peeth Om Yoga Association - Portugal Om Yoga Association Portugal Om Yoga Brasil Om Yoga Centre - Dharamsala Omsai School Of Yoga Open Sky Yoga Center - Rochester New York Origin Yoga & Health Coach Origin Yoga And Health Coach Otra Mirada Yoga School Ozdonusum -turkey Padma Yoga - Portugal Pakistan Patanjali Yoga Institute - Thailand Patanjali Yoga School - Russia Portugal Prakash Deep Institute Of Yoga & Ayurvedic Sciences Prana Escuela De Yoga - Spain Prem Sukh International Trust Pura Luz Yoga Pure Ganga Yoga Ravi Shakti Reunion Rishi Yoga Foundation Rishikul Yogshala S Yog Clinic Sacred Spiral Yoga & Tai-chi School Sahadeva Yoga School Sahadewa Yoga School Samana Yoga Mind Samastitihi Yoga School Santhi School Of Yoga - Kerala Santhi Yoga International Teachers Training & Research Foundation Sarah Trinler - Costa Rica Sarasvati Worldwide Ltd - Hungary Satyam Yoga Darshan Sewashram Sawasdee Yoga - Thailand School Of Holistic Yoga & Ayurveda (sohyaa) Scotland Seema Sondhi The Yoga Studio Selfness Yoga Akadamia In Hungary Seven Pillars Yoga Shakti Yoga Centre - South Africa Shanti Yoga School & Holistic Center Shenyang Letian Fitness - Beijing Shiatsu School Sym International Shiatsu Yoga Mediterraneo School Shiva Tattva Yoga Foundation Shiva Tattva Yoga School Shiva Yoga Peeth - Rishikesh Shiva Yoga Valley - Vietnam Shivom Yoga - Vietnam Shivom Yoga Valley Shiva Yoga And Dance - Vietnam Shiyopa Shrimath Yoga - Bangalore Shvas - The Body Architecture Siddhartha Yoga Academy - Dharamsala Siddhi Yoga Siddhi Yoga Garuda Kids Yoga - Greece Singapore Sivananda International School Of Yoga Sivasoorya School - Kerala South Africa Space Academy Spain Spirit Of Are Yoga Srima Center Of Transformational Hatha Yoga - Greece Srima International School Of Transformational Integral Hatha Yoga India Srima International School Of Transformational Yoga - Serbia Srima International School Of Transformational Yoga India Srima School Of Transformational Integral Yoga - Manchester Srima Yoga Taiwan Sscs Training - Ma Formation Studio Syma Sujit Sauryayoga - Taiwan Sulochana Naik Educational Trust Sulochana Naik Educational Trust / Swami Vivekanand Yoga Kendra Sunils Yoga - Jodhpur Sunrise Yoga & Coach - Vietnam Sunshine Yoga School - Rishikesh & Japan Swami Vivekanand Yoga Kendra Swara Yoga Swastik Yoga Sweden Taiwan Tapas Power Yoga Center Tapasya Yoga -rishikesh Tapasya Yogashala Teachers- Barefoot Yoga & Fitness Teachers- Hatha Vidya Gurukulam Teachers- Hetal Teachers- Kaya Kalp Power Yoga And Naturopathy Teachers- Neolife Wellness Teachers- Yoga Asfadel Teachers- Yoga Duam Thailand The Power Of Yoga The School Of Yin Yoga The Yogshala Three Treasures Yoga - Italy Transformational Hatha Yoga School In Spain Trika Yoga Tryambakam - Reunion Island (france) Tulasidalam School Of Yoga Pada - Kerala Turkey U.k. Udaya Studio Ukranian Yoga Federation Union Yoga Uk University Of Yoga - Russia Vedic Wellness - Vietnam Veena Yoga - Jodhpur Vidyanand Transformational Yoga Vidyanand Transformational Yoga Center In Ukraine Vietnam Vimoksha Yoga - Goa Vinayasa Yoga Academy By A.f.studies - Greece Vinieyoga Healing Center - Chennai Vipashyana Italy Vivekananda School Of Yoga - Bangalore Vyoga World - Vietnam Wellbeing Warehouse - U.k. World Peace Yoga School Yai Grandmasters Yai Special Category Yai- China Yhc Fitness Studio - Gurgaon Yog Nisarga Goa Yog Power Studio Yog Setu Universal - Gujarat Yog Shala - Paros Yog Temple Yoga 108 Africa - South Africa Yoga Abhyas Yoga And Budo Center - Greece Yoga Asfadel - Almaty Yoga Center Sadhana Yoga Chakra Yoga Dharma Yoga Duam Yoga Federation Of Armenia Yoga Federation Of Russia Yoga Inari Yoga Journey -rhodes Yoga La Yoga In Turkey Yoga Leymen Yoga Life - U.k. Yoga Mandiram Chile Yoga Of Kings - Siberia Yoga Paramgati - Hong Kong & Australia Yoga Schule Pasing Yoga Secret Club - Vietnam Yoga Secret Vietnam Yoga Suc Song Moi - Vietnam Yoga Tahiti Yoga Veled Yoga School Yoga Veled Yoga School - Hungary Yoga Wt - Chile Yoga-essence Of Life Yoga4life Yogacourse Yogadive Yogam Studio Yogasangham Yogashala - Chile Yogatapsyapith Rishikesh Yogi Ram Singapore Yogi Surinder Singh Yogi Surinder Singh Rishikesh Yogsetu Yogstars Yogsthali - Jaipur

Teachers from SriMa School, run by Swami Vidyanand

YAI Ambassadors

We are proud to present our Ambassadors. Working in many different parts of the world, their work embodies all that is good in Yoga. We hope you enjoy becoming friends with them.


An invitation to all YAI-certified schools

If you are interested in displaying information about your programs/events here, please write to us with brief details and we will be happy to display the information below.

img-20170510-wa0000SANTHI YOGA at PALA,Keralayoga-phamletMaster Vishwa - VietnamIMG-20160804-WA0019ImprimirMeditation Teacher Training3

Programs for an international career in Yoga

Swami Vidyanand will personally guide students through these unique YAI-certified professional-level Yoga teachers Training Courses where students obtain practical, in-depth, multi-faceted knowledge of Yoga.

Location: near Auroville/Pondicherry & New Delhi

Dates: Every Month

Courses :

Of special interest to experienced Yoga teachers and Yoga practitioners is the exclusive GRANDMASTER program conducted by Swami Vidyanand, where Yoga practitioners and Yoga teachers will be:

  • introduced to the energy generation mechanisms in every dimension of existence
  • able to establish powerful communication with the eternal dimensions of consciousness.
  • able to move from living an ordinary existence to experience life in a different state: tranquil and yet dynamically energetic.
  • able to develop the ability to express the eternal self in ordinary life.
  • To find out more about this course, check out the website on the link below:

Grandmaster-level Certification

Contact information:

Web-site: Srima Transformational Yoga India

Talk to: Swami Vidyanand on: +91 9810680711 / 9810670711

Start your YAI-certified school

Screenshot 2020-08-28 at 10.15.21 AM.png

If you are interested in setting up a YAI-certified Yoga school, you are invited to consult with Swami Vidyanand.

Please send your enquiries to us by email at


Sri Meerambigai Garden 95, C.M. Chavady, Near Auroville main road,
Kottakuppam 605104,
Tamil Nadu, India.
Swami Vidyanand (+91)9810680711
Chandrashekaran (+91)9818196716