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Site 1 : 316 Ho, Lotte Castle 2, Beotkkot-ro 30, Geumcheon-gu, Seoul, Korea(South) 

Site 2 : 502 Ho, Da Rae Bldg, Haan-ro 310, Gwangmyeong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea(South) 





Managing & Lecturing on Yoga in Lara Yoga Academy

Providing Yoga classes for disabled and for Senior citizens at Gwang Myeong Welfare Center for the disabled (GMWD)


Certified Yoga School of YAI (the first yoga school in Korea) 


Customized Programs for Gwang Myeong Welfare center for Senior citizens(GMWS)


Arranged the Yoga classes for Pregnant and Children at Gwang Myeong Sports Association(GMCOSA) 

Teaching the Yoga for Mother in Happy Yoga 

Instructed Students in YOGASUM 

Lectured on Yoga in the 2001 Outlet Department Cultural center 

Lecturing on Yoga for Multi-cultural family in Gwang Myeong-Si Welfare center (GMSWC)


Managing and teaching the Yoga classes in Richmond Palace fitness at Bangkok, Thailand 



Certified as a Yoga teacher ( Ashtanga Vinyasa ) 200hrs Level TTC of YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL in India

Managing and lecturing Yoga classes for Koreans in New Delhi, India 


Certified as a Yoga Siromani for Raja Yoga in The Yoga Studio, New Delhi, India 


Training at the Yoga in Shivananda Yoga center, New Delhi, India 

My Love and passion for yoga began from great benefits that I experienced in every class and since then has begun the journey of the life to learn more and more. I had a wonderful chance to go to the birthplace of Yoga because my husband was moved by a representative and MD of his company to India. Before arriving to New Delhi, I had a just little understanding about Yoga. After being settled in India, I want to learn something that I am able to get easily to learn or train. That choice has been keeping the yoga! Then my thirst for knowledge on yoga took me to Shivananda Yoga center, New Delhi. I got trained in Yoga at Shivananda Yoga center for 3 years, and came into a decision to be a Yoga Siromani. So I contacted with my excellent and great Teacher Ms. Seema Sondhi who produce the Yoga teacher at south Delhi. Eventually my dream came true! It was great honor and felt me that life is full of beauty and pleasure. At last my husband also knew depth of Yoga, he has been a Yoga Siromani. And she led me and my husband to be a Yoga teacher certified by of Yoga Alliance International. The Training has been keeping day by day! It is suitable for me to improve the current skills, as well as Yoga Siromani who simply would like to deepen the understanding and improve the practice. Since I started the Yoga 16 years ago today, I think I should step on a transition to the next phase. I will do my best, go through & expand the yoga for more people as well. We have had experience and have reached a level where trainee feel ready to consider teaching, and through the basic yoga texts (Yoga Sutras, Hatha Yoga Pradipika, Bhagavad Gita, Light on Yoga (by B.K.S Iyengar) and test etc..

Yoga give me introspection to think positively and how to be to get overall happiness, love and peace. Thank You.