YOGA ALLIANCE INTERNATIONAL – India’s first international Yoga Alliance

Inspired by Sri Aurobindo and the Mother, YAI’s mission is to create a world-wide network of people and institutions devoted to the cause of Yoga.The Mother & Sri Aurobindo

YAI’s mission:

– create a world-wide network of Yogic minded people and institutions, regardless of affiliation or tradition

– provide a platform for the encouragement of new Masters of Yoga

– encourage research and innovation in applying Yoga techniques to the complex problems faced by modern man

– establish an Yoga Institution that is open to all traditions.


We invite all YAI-certified teachers and YAI-certified schools to join the World Yoga Federation (WYF), an organization dedicated to the study of authentic Yoga practices. World Yoga Federation The World Yoga Federation provides you with an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of Yoga and present it to the world.

Membership in WYF is free to all YAI members – but you must submit an article on Yoga, or a video clip on Yoga or an audio talk on Yoga for your application to be accepted. Acceptance or rejection of the contribution rests with WYF.

Non-YAI members are also invited to register with World Yoga Federation (WYF). A fee will be payable for Registration and you will also be required to submit an article or video or audio clip related to Yoga for acceptance of your Registration request.

Please email WYF at the following address along with your contribution to the Yoga world:

If you have obtained YAI Certification and have sent in your photo, you can search for yourself or your school here – just enter your name, or the name of your school in the box below and press the ‘Search’ button.

Results of your query are shown in another page.

Shown below is our ‘photo of the day’, randomly chosen from our albums of certified Yoga teachers. Click on the photo to get more details of the teacher.



Programs for an international career in Yoga

Swami Vidyanand will personally guide these unique YAI-certified professional-level Yoga teachers Training Courses where students can obtain practical, in-depth, multi-faceted knowledge of Yoga. In Auroville/Pondicherry, Swami Vidyanand will be assisted by Camille Gicquel, and in New Delhi, he will be assisted by Arjun Goswami.

Location:  Auroville/Pondicherry & New Delhi

Dates: Every Month

Courses :

  • 200-hour level(20-day program)
  • 500-hour level (30-day program)
  • Grandmaster-level Certification

Contact information:

Web-site: Srima Transformational Yoga India

Talk to  Swami Vidyanand on: +91 9810680711/9810670711

Swami Vidyanand was the keynote speaker at an event “INTERGENERATIONAL YOGA”, organized by the TIMES FOUNDATION and HELPAGE INDIA in New Delhi recently.IMG_5068

TTC Programs in Delhi & Auroville





An invitation to all YAI-certified schools
If you are interested in displaying information about your programs/events here, please write to us with brief details and we will be happy to display the information in this box.

IMG-20160804-WA0019UYI 200 yttclMaster Vishwa - Vietnamyoga-phamlet



YAI Certified Schools


Meditation Teacher Training3

International Career 3




We are proud to present our Ambassadors.Working in many different parts of the world, their work embodies all that is good in Yoga. We hope you enjoy becoming friends with them…


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