YAI Certified Schools

We invite all YAI-certified teachers and YAI-certified schools to join the World Yoga Federation (WYF), an organization dedicated to the study of authentic Yoga practices. World Yoga Federation The World Yoga Federation provides you with an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of Yoga and present it to the world.

Membership in WYF is free to all YAI members – but you must submit an article on Yoga, or a video clip on Yoga or an audio talk on Yoga for your application to be accepted. Acceptance or rejection of the contribution rests with WYF.

Non-YAI members are also invited to register with World Yoga Federation (WYF). A fee will be payable for Registration and you will also be required to submit an article or video or audio clip related to Yoga for acceptance of your Registration request.

Please email WYF at the following address along with your contribution to the Yoga world: worldyogafed@gmail.com



Other Certified Schools:

ADVAIT YOGA, Rishikesh, Director: Yogacharya Sanjay Soni

GANGA YOGA EDUCATION SOCIETY, Rishikesh, Director:Yogi Praveen Badoni