YAI in China – June 2015

YAI celebrated the International Yoga Day at an elegant function held in the beautiful city of Nanjing,capital of Jiangsu Province, China.

An Agreement was signed with Jiangsu Open University by David Doo of YAI China and the University representative. The event held at Nanjing also featured Yoga programs performed by a number of Chinese participants. There were also speeches by Dr. Varun Veer, representative of the Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR). A letter of Congratulations from the Indian Consul-General in Shanghai was also read out. Swami Vidyanand provided a short lecture-demonstration on Yoga for beginners and Yoga for Senior Citizens, which was well appreciated.

YAI Certified Schools

YAI salutes the services of the late B.K.S.Iyengar – the doyen among Yoga teachers – to the Yoga world and hope that the true message of Yoga spreads world-wide, in the manner that he hoped for.
B K S Iyengar

We invite all YAI-certified teachers and YAI-certified schools to join the World Yoga Federation (WYF), an organization dedicated to the study of authentic Yoga practices. World Yoga Federation The World Yoga Federation provides you with an opportunity to showcase your knowledge of Yoga and present it to the world.

Membership in WYF is free to all YAI members – but you must submit an article on Yoga, or a video clip on Yoga or an audio talk on Yoga for your application to be accepted. Acceptance or rejection of the contribution rests with WYF.

Non-YAI members are also invited to register with World Yoga Federation (WYF). A fee will be payable for Registration and you will also be required to submit an article or video or audio clip related to Yoga for acceptance of your Registration request.

Please email WYF at the following address along with your contribution to the Yoga world: worldyogafed@gmail.com

We are delighted to inform you that our Argentina division has opened a new Facebook page.

YAI is pleased to announce their NEW division – Yoga Alliance Southeast Asia – connecting all yoga enthusiasts, teachers and students in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand, Burma, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Philippines and East Timor! Our Facebook page is here…

YAI is very pleased to announce the resurrection of their division – Yoga Alliance Asia Pacific – connecting all yoga enthusiasts, teachers and students in the Asia Pacific region! Our Facebook page for this division is here…

Stay tuned for more yoga related events, workshops, retreats and teacher training courses!

ADVAIT YOGA, Rishikesh, Director: Yogacharya Sanjay Soni

GANGA YOGA EDUCATION SOCIETY, Rishikesh, Director:Yogi Praveen Badoni

YAI vision

On Aug 15, 1947, on the occasion of India’s independence, Sri Aurobindo talked about his dreams for the new India. Among other things, he said…

….The third dream was a world-union forming the outer basis of a fairer, brighter and nobler life for all mankind. That unification of the human world is under way; there is an imperfect initiation organised by struggling against tremendous difficulties. But the momentum is there and it must inevitably increase and conquer. Here too India has begun to play a prominent part and, if she can develop that larger statesmanship which is not limited by the present facts and immediate possibilities but looks into the future and brings it nearer, her presence may make all the difference between a slow and timid and a bold and swift development. A catastrophe may intervene and interrupt or destroy what is being done, but even then the final result is sure. For unification is a necessity of Nature, an inevitable movement. Its necessity for the nations is also clear, for without it the freedom of the small nations may be at any moment in peril and the life even of the large and powerful nations insecure. The unification is therefore to the interests of all, and only human imbecility and stupid selfishness can prevent it; but these cannot stand for ever against the necessity of Nature and the Divine Will. But an outward basis is not enough; there must grow up an international spirit and outlook, international forms and institutions must appear, perhaps such developments, as dual or multilateral citizenship, willed interchange or voluntary fusion of cultures. Nationalism will have fulfilled itself and lost it militancy and would no longer find these things incompatible with self-preservation and the integrality of its outlook.

It is in keeping with this spirit of oneness that Sri Aurobindo sees taking hold of the human race, that Yoga Alliance International aims to create a world-wide community of persons dedicated to authentic Yoga traditions, joined by the commonality of Spirit.